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The gallery has been updated with over 900 HD screencaptures from bluray disc of Captain America: Civil War. Take a look!

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Movies Production > Captain America: Civil War > Movie Screencaptures

Photos of Robert Downey Jr. from last night, presending the America Music Award Merit to Sting, have been added to the gallery. Also you can find a clip of a portion of his introduction speech.

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Public Appereances > Events 2016 > American Music Awards

Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr is set to step behind the camera to produce and direct a new television drama called Singularity.

The 51-year-old actor is turning his talents to television and stepping behind the camera as he gears up to both produce and direct the new series, reported The Wrap.

Plot details are currently unknown to the public, but Anthony Michael Hall, who co-starred with Downey in 1988 film Johnny Be Good is lined up to star in the production, and the Iron Man star will be directing the pilot episode.

The Avengers star and his wife Susan, who is a veteran in the producing field, announced the show as part of their new deal with Sonar Entertainment, under their Team Downey Productions banner.

The agreement will cover scripted and unscripted content for TV and digital platforms.

Sonar CEO Thomas Lesinski said, “We are excited about Team Downey’s vision for developing and producing a broad scope of original premium content. Sonar is thrilled to partner with Robert, Susan and the entire team. It is another example of our commitment to forge creative collaborations with the most dynamic talent in the industry.”


What an awesome surprise to find Robert at the premiere of Doctor Strange. Over 150 HQ photos have been added to the gallery. Take a look!

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Public Appereances > Events 2016 > “Doctor Strange” Hollywood Premiere

Robert and Susan attended the ‘Hollywood’s Night Under The Stars’ celebration yesterday and I found some beautiful shots to add to the gallery. Take a look!

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Public Appereances > Events 2016 > MPTF 95th Anniversary Celebration With ‘Hollywood’s Night Under The Stars’

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