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What an awesome surprise to find Robert at the premiere of Doctor Strange. Over 150 HQ photos have been added to the gallery. Take a look!

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Public Appereances > Events 2016 > “Doctor Strange” Hollywood Premiere

Robert and Susan attended the ‘Hollywood’s Night Under The Stars’ celebration yesterday and I found some beautiful shots to add to the gallery. Take a look!

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Public Appereances > Events 2016 > MPTF 95th Anniversary Celebration With ‘Hollywood’s Night Under The Stars’

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It’s the spring of 2001, and Robert Downey Jr.has just been fired from Ally McBeal. He’s also checked himself into (yet another) emergency rehab session after his second consecutive arrest in Southern California.

Then, cut to August, 2015 and he’s the world’s highest-paid actor, with an IMDB page that promises years upon of further franchises and their associated high paychecks. He also happens to be happily married, with two toddlers at home. (Just recently, he was ousted from Hollywood’s top salary spot by Dwayne Johnson—blame all the Fast and the Furious money—but that’s all just extraneous details at this point.)

So how exactly does this happen? How does a guy go from radioactive to the top of the industry? It’s a story worth revisiting time and time again.

It all started in the mid-90’s—at least for today’s purposes. Downey was one of the most wanted men in the business, whether you were looking to cast a movie or to build a guest list for a party. He was fresh off an Oscar nomination for his role in Chaplin, he had just completed a quickie wedding to singer Deborah Falconer(after having relationships with the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, among others), and he was, shall we say, celebrating life a bit too much.

Read the full article in our press archive.

I finally got a chance to put my hands on bluray edition of Chef, Jon Favreau’s movie from 2015 in which Robert plays Martin, Inez’s (Sofia Vergara) ex-husband who helps Carl (Jon Favreau) to launch his food truck activity. Take a look at them in the gallery.

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